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Hamboree 2019

3900 Club Hamboree 2019 is over
106 people participated and to the best of our knowledge had a good time based on comments recieved. 22 tables were sold and Les (D&L) said he did good. Thank you all for participating in Hamboree 2019

Hamboree 2020 is in the works.
We (the board) understand not everybody can make Hamboree and not everybody that can is physically able to help. The last few years we have made enough to cover Hamboree expenses but that does not always cover the normal things like the web site and insurance both are a big part of Hamboree and the club. We would like to do different things with prizes but the club is not financially able due to the lower turn outs. It was suggested we do like some other organizations do (not necessarily ham organizations). Since all our income comes from Hamboree only, as membership dues of $5 goes for certificate, mailing and supplies to run the club. It was suggested (and this is 100% voluntary) if you can't make it to Hamboree donate $7 or more (what your comfortable with) to help support the event. These funds would be part of total income but listed separately for example, $1 for admittance, $2 for tables, $3 for extra raffle tickets and then $4 for support donations. So the headcount won't change but the income to the club will. If we continue on the slow downward spiral it won't be long and Hamboree will cease to exist and nobody wants to see that. So think about it and let us know your feelings either way good or bad. I know Jon would like the input on Sunday meetings.
73 Tom WD0BFO #906 Secretary Treasurer

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