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Welcome ..... from the Members of the 3900 Club!

Music: "Peter Cottontail"

Our members subscribe to
"The Amateur's Code"
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Please e-mail Tom - WDBFO, our Club Secretary/Treasurer, with your current information: mailing address, license class, ARRL membership status (life, annual or non-member), e-mail address, and your birth date, plus the month/year you joined the 3900 Club if you know it.
Thank You!
This information is being collected for our club database purposes only and will not be shared.

As of December 2013, after working to update our database, we still have 123 active members for whom we need information as follows:

72 unknown addresses
72 unknown license classes
53 unknown ARRL membership status
61 unknown e-mail addresses
33 unknown birthdays
and 75 unknown "joined" dates

If you want to know if you're on this list, just ask when you check in to the Sunday meeting or drop Tom an e-mail, and he will get back to you. If you furnish all of your info as shown above, we can reduce these numbers even more as we go through 2014. Thanks!

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