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As of 3/28/22 the 3900 Club covers 44
States and 1 DX country. With the online
look up You can look up by State (2 letter abreviation) if your interested.
73 Tom WD0BFO #906

3900 Club on the air schedule all times are Central Time. Time and freqs are approximate based on QRM. All are on Sunday morning. On the 4th Sunday is Vintage Sunday and if 5 Sundays the 5th is AM net. See Schedule above. Both Vintage and AM are on 3.8975 with all others. The only one not is CW on 3.598.

Freq Name Start Purpose
3.8975 Mhz Trader Net 07:30AM Buy/Sell/Trade your equipmnet
3.598 Mhz Slow Speed CW Net 07:30 CW Check ins
3.8975 Mhz Early List 08:30 Those that have to leave early (small # of members
3.8975 Mhz Bulletin 08:45 Items of news or interest
3.8975 Mhz On air meeting 09:00 Normal club business old and new
3.8975 Mhz Regular Roll Call 09:15 Regular Roll Call

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